Enter My 6 Weeks to Setting Real Goals Challenge Here

Its fall and it can be one of the hardest times of year to keep you on track with your fitness and nutrition goals. Don’t let this push you off the bandwagon. Join me today in my 6 week challenge to setting real goals that you can maintain and keep for a lifetime. Details are below:

1 How to Enter: sign up today by purchasing my newest ebook, this will help yo stay prepared through the process of the 6 weeks. Click the link below to purchase my ebook today.


When you make the purchase be sure to write in the notes section that you are doing the challenge and what your fitness and nutrition goals are.

After you have made the purchase I will then enter your info:

  • First and Last name
  • Email
  • Fitness/Nutrition Goals

I will also need you to send me a picture front and back of yourself as a before photo. Please be sure to include the date the photo was taken.


2 When does it start?: The challenge will start September 30th and run until November 4th. This will be a 6 week challenge with challenges to do each week one with nutrition and the other with fitness. These challenges are a great way to set small goals and reach them adding each one each week to your goals. I want this to be a fun way to be able to maintain healthy habits.

3 What do I have to do during the challenge?: Like I said above I want this to be fun and for everyone to do well. I will be giving you a challenge to work on for each week. One will be more an emphasis on nutrition while the other is an emphasis on fitness.

What you will need to do each week:

  • Make a post on social media ( facebook, instagram, twitter, etc.) at least 2-3 each week talking about the challenge you are working on. This could be a picture of a water bottle talking about the amount of water you are drinking per day.
  • You will be given a logging calendar to log what you did to reach the challenge each day for that week that you will send me a picture or email of at the end of each week.
  • At the end of the 6 weeks you will then take an after photo front and back.

4 Who can enter?:  Anyone! I encourage everyone to be a part of this challenge. Im here to help as many people as I can become healthier and feel better along the way.

5 What do I get?: This challenge is not only help you get back on track or to start your journey but you also have the chance to win some awesome prizes. There will be a first, second, and third place winner of cash and products that are amazing!

I look forward to having all of you during this Challenge! Good Luck to all of you!