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At the beginning of the year, I signed up for the Body Transformation Challenge through Orangetheory Fitness and Eddie’s Health Shoppe. In twelve weeks, I dropped 10 pounds and 7% of my body fat. My nutrition consultation with Krystal at the beginning of the challenge set the tone for my approach to eating and played a major role in my success. She provided me with a wealth of information that allowed me to decide what changes in my diet would be reasonable and manageable for me.

For example, I chose to generally focus on having a more balanced plate and to specifically work on reducing added sugars from my diet. Since the challenge ended, I have continued to be mindful about what I eat and have in no way regressed back to my old habits. I feel so much better than I did just a few months ago, AND I never feel like I have to be hungry!

Ellen M

Susette Niazy:

Should I seek the help of a nutritionist when trying to get healthy and/or loose weight

Let me give you a bit of my journey and that will answer the question for you.
Hi I am Susette Niazy. Before 2010, I was busy raising 3 children…..working,, soccer, band, etc. Life had kept me so busy I sure didn’t have time for eating healthy because that took to much time, I don’t cook and thought there was no way I had time or money for the gym.
Well in 2010 when my youngest went off to college. I found myself with nothing but time and I realized just how awful I looked and felt.
I started working out: Zumba classes and started slowly working out in gym and even trying to run some races.  Well obese getting NO where…..I started working out more….I was going to exercise myself into shape if it were the last thing I did!!!  I did loose some weight but had so much more to do.
Let’s move forward to 2015. Still working out. By now I am even a Zumba instructor and had wogged (walked/jogged) several half marathons and a full….found myself in Florida for a month and found this place called OrangeTheory Fitness. Bought a 10 package visit. LOVED the workouts and environment.  Came back to TN a month later. Still working out, not really loosing weight more like maintaining.
Brings us to 2017, now I have a few more marathons that I have wogged, I should be the symbol of a ridiculously  fit specimen with all the working out I do and races….NOPE!!!!
In the months leading up to 2018, OTF was talking about a transformation we were going to be doing. At first I was not going to do it because I had been in several weight loss challenges before and got nowhere fast!!!  THEN they threw in a game charger, not it were we going to have access to these bod pod results, body fat figures BUT we had access to 1 of our trainers who was also a nutritionist, Krystal.  By now I knew my issue was what I consumed but had no idea how to fix this problem.
I signed up for the challenge and scheduled my appointment with Krystal.  I was scared but determined.  I was tired if spending all my time and money working out and not seeing better results.
I met with Krystal on Wednesday evening. Will never forget that meeting.  She had so much information for me.  She had paperwork to give and showed me an app to use.  Her first question to me was what was my goals….because of my bod pod results I could say. Get out of the obese and at at risk category.  She then asked me what I would eat throughout the day.
We had a long talk. She went over all the information on the papers. She answered all my questions and told me what I should change, add, delete and leave in my daily routine.  Yup. Only 1 banana a day. Not my normal 2. 3 or 12 🙂  I may have used bananas as my go to snack.
When I left about an hour or hour an half later knowing way much more than going in.  I felt armed with the right tools and felt determined.  That was January 10, 2018. Today April 15th, 2018, I am down over 23 lbs, and 8.2 Body Fat Percentage.
If I would not have met with Krystal none of this would have happened for me.  Can I also just add whenever I had a question or needed advice throughout this. Krystal was right there….I’m sure I drove her batty.  She is definitely a special lady!!!!
Shelley Nebel:
“I won a free session with Krystal through Orangetheory Fitness classes where I took her classes. At the beginning of our three month transformation challenge, I met with Krystal to help guide my eating habits. She provided easy & informative ways to change how I ate. Her grocery list is super helpful in steering you in the right direction while shopping. Throughout the challenge, Kyrstal checked on my progress, encouraged me during & outside of workouts, and offered suggestions for any questions I had. Even with my honeymoon in the middle of the challenge, I was able to to lose 6.5lbs and shed 3.2% body fat. I am faster, stronger, and feel better everyday!”