Healthy Holiday Tips/Tricks

Healthy Holidays 

Identify your situations: look at your scheduled parties, events, or even shopping. Prepare yourself for those situations before hand to stay on track.

Multiple Stops: some of us may have multiple families we have to visit on each holiday with that said make a plan for yourself to not over indulge. A good tip is to try a little of some things and don’t go to the first place hungry. That way you don’t fill your plate at each house leaving you feeling stuffed

Stay Active: the holidays get busy but don’t let that throw you off of your fitness schedule. Be sure to try and get at least 30min to an hour a day of exercise.


Try Healthier Recipes : try healthier versions of your holiday favorites to be sure you can keep calories, sugars, and sodium in check.

Make use of baking/cooking substitutions: take a recipe you already know and love and just change a few the ingredients to healthier ones this will definitely keep you on track without missing out on any traditional meals.

Make the meals from scratch: try making the meal or at least half from scratch. This way you will avoid most processed items containing lots of sodium, sugars, and unidentifiable ingredients.

Skip the extras: do you need the extra butter, roll, dessert, or added whipped cream.


Plan your meals: especially if you know you will be going to a party or event that night. Plan your meals throughout the day to be healthy options an never go to a party or event starving. Try to opt for some type of a filling snack before you go.

Splurge Wisely and Prioritize: Think about what your favorite foods are at the holidays and try to narrow it down to 2-3 and splurge on those but don’t over do it. Which ones could you live without and which ones do you absolutely always look forward to eating.

Do not Skip Meals: Sometimes its human nature to think that we should starve ourselves throughout the day to “save calories” for the end of the day. Its not the best idea to do this due to the fact that you will more than likely overeat and that the body will hold onto all of those calories all at once.

Drink Water: with the holidays also comes alcohol and hot drinks full of sugar and loads of unwanted calories. Again this is something you should plan throughout but be sure you are still drinking a significant amount of water.

Set realistic goals: set goals that you know you can achieve throughout the holidays. Make these goals attainable so  you  don’t feel overwhelmed during the holidays besides this should be a time of joy!


Best of all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas to come!


Healthfully Yours,

Krystal Goodman