Holiday Gift Guide for The Fitness Enthusiast

My 2018 Gift Guide for the Fitness Enthusiast


  1. Multi Vitamin: Mega Food One a Day
  2. Fitness Tracker: apple watch
  3. Yoga Mat: Manduka Yoga Mat
  4. Collagen: Vital Proteins Collagen
  5. Bulletproof Coffee KitBulletproof Coffee kit
  6. Quick Cooking: InstaPot
  7. Clean Protein Powder: Nuzest Protein Powder
  8. Stainless Steel Protein Shake shaker: Blender Bottle
  9. Best Clean Spices: Primal Palate Seasonings
  10. Best Clean Coffee Creamer: Nut Pods
  11. Yoga Pants: Alo Yoga
  12. Running Shoes: On Cloud
  13. Gym Bag: Adidas Studio Bag
  14. Wireless Headphones: Bose Wireless
  15. Running Hat: Adidas Hat
  16. Foam Roller: Trigger Point Foam Roller
  17. TRX band: TRX indoor/outdoor kit
  18. Bands: 4Kor Minibands
  19. Filtered Water Bottle: Berkey Sport Bottle
  20. On the Go Protein Shakes: Iconic Protein