Top 6 Nutrition Hacks to be Wedding Ready

Top 6  Nutrition Tips for Brides to Be or To Jump start your Nutrition

Stay Hydrated: drink plenty of water. Try to shoot for half of your body weight in ounces as a baseline and then for every 8oz of diuretic drinks drink back 12oz of water to that.

A few of my favorite ways to stay hydrated:

  • Obviously drinking water. My favorite water bottle is one with a filter at the end of the straw that way you can get water from any source and know that you are getting a good source. Here is the link to my water bottle-> Berkey Sport Water Bottle
  • Coconut Water is another option. I like to call this a natural gatorade because it still contains the electrolytes we all need without all of the added sugars. Here is a link to my favorite brand->VitaCoco Pure Coconut Water
  • Electrolytes are essential for hydration and a lot of us dont get enough of them here is a link to my favorite electrolyte tabs->Nuun Vitamin and Electrolyte Tabs

Avoid Processed Foods and Added Sugars: These foods are loaded with unwanted ingredients like artificial sweeteners, an overload of sodium, chemicals, gums, binding agents, etc.. When we eat these types of foods that our body cant really process correctly we end up with a lot of inflammation. This inflammation causes a lot more issues then we expected. Bloating, puffiness, digestive dysfunction, and so on.

Balance your meals with 4 star ingredients: Healthy fats, protein, greens, and fiber. When we pair these 4 star ingredients this will only make you feel fuller longer, balance your blood sugar, and fit cravings you have.

  • Example of a balanced meal: Omelet- Eggs(protein), Peppers ( Veggies), Chia or Flaxseed ( fiber), and Avocado ( healthy fats)

Collagen for hair skin and nails: What bride to be doesn’t want beautiful hair, skin, and nails? Collagen does wonders for all three. You would be amazed at how much of a difference it makes in such a short amount of time when using it. I like to use mine in my coffee in the mornings. The suggested amount is anywhere between 10-20g per day, more than that you might want to consult with your doctor.

Detoxing foods for the liver: Our liver is our powerhouse when it comes to detoxification of our body on the daily. If we overwork our liver with tons or toxins and make it work harder than it should then other areas of our body may not be working optimally. We want to give the liver a little boost by feeding it with the right nutrients to help with the detoxification process. 

My favorite Liver Detoxing Products:

Don’t skip Meals: the last thing you want to do is skip meals. When a meal is skipped the body goes into starvation mode. When we starve ourselves like that the next thing you know we are tripling our hunger factor and when we do go to finally eat we want to eat all the things. Going back to the liver, if we load our body with a ton of food at once not only are we taking on a lot of calories but we are also giving our liver more to detox. This overload causes all kinds of mayhem. Moral of the story, eat when you are hungry and don’t wait till you are starving.

To learn more about this subject click the link below to see my news segment on it:

6 Nutrition Tips to get started

Follow these small changes and see a big difference! If you would like to discuss a more individualized plan I would love to sit down with you! I offer a nutritional therapy Consultation to meet your specific needs nutritionally and functionally. Email me at to set up an appointment today!

Healthfully Yours,

Krystal Goodman