Ways to Enhance the Flavor of Veggies

Switch up the cuisine:

Just like any other food make your veggies have a different flare about them by switching up your cuisine. A couple of things come to mind for me: Baby bokchoy in a stir fry, cauliflower Mexican style rice bowl, zucchini noodles with marinara and meatballs for an Italian favorite and my list could go on and on. Get creative!


Make a sauce for them:

Everyone loves a good sauce! You can jazz up any broccoli stalk or head of cabbage with a nice nutrient dense sauce. Im thinking broccoli topped with alfredo on a bed of fiber rich noodles. Another favorite of mine is cabbage sauteed with homemade BBQ sauce to get a twist on a family favorite. You can even add more veggies by adding them in your actual sauce you are making.


Really give them a SPICE:

Something simple but will make a HUGE difference is adding your favorite spices to your veggie favorites! I love to add cilantro to my cauliflower rice with lime to make it delicious or turmeric to pumpkin to make a nutrient dense curry. To ramp it up even more try to use a variety of spices weekly to give your tongue a trip around the world. You will be surprised which ones will become your favorites that you never even tried before.

Prepare them different ways:

Just like with cuisine switch up the way you are preparing them. You can easy baked veggies on a sheet pan for a quick and easy whipped up meal. Another way is throwing them in an air fryer to give them a good crisp without deep frying them. Crank up the grill and throw them on as a kabob. A more simple approach is to saute them stove top. The sky is the limit so get creative with this as well. ]