8 Ways to Keep the Earth Clean and Sustainable

My Top Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Everyday!

Todays the day we celebrate the Earth and what a mighty fine place it is to live. Today I celebrated by using my stashed bags to pack myself snacks to use between personal training clients and teaching Orange Theory Classes. I also used my stainless steel straw for my morning coffee, and am keeping myself hydrated with my refillable water bottle.

I have decided to share with you all the ways I like to help keep the Earth a clean place to live and some of my favorite products that help me do just that!

Below are my top 8 ways to do so and the links in blue that you can click and buy right from the comfort of your own home!

1.Re-useable Zip Lock Bags: Instead of buying the regular sip locks that you use once and throw away try re-useable versions. This will cut down on waste and you can use them for almost anything. I like to use mine for on the go snacks, pens, steaming shrimp or veggies in hot water, and storing jewelry when I travel.

My favorite: Stasher Bags

2. Stainless Steel or Glass Straws: I love to use these in my morning coffee to avoid staining my teeth and its less toxic than plastic straws.

My favorite: Stainless Steel Straws

3.Re-fillable Water Bottle: Instead of buying cases of water bottles at a time and just throwing them away try getting a great re-fillable bottle that you can trust.

My favorite: Berkey Water Bottle

4.Re-Useable Bags: Next time you decide to go to the grocery store or any store take along a reusable bag that you can empty when you get home and save for your next shopping trip.

My Favorite: Re-Useable Bag

5.Re-Used Water Bottle Pens: Find things like pens that are made from recycled water bottles.

My Favorite: Pilot Recycled Pens

6.Recycled Baking/Cooing Items: Look to use items like aluminum foils, parchment paper, baking cups, coffee filters, etc.

My Favorite: If You Care Baking Cups

 If You Care Coffee Filters

7.Compostable Cutlery and Paper Plates: Next time you need to pick up some paper plates and cutlery for your next get together or event look for those that are made from recyclable materials.

My Favorite: Compostable Cutlery

Recycled Paper Plates

8.Re-Useable Produce bags: Next time you head to the grocery store take some re-useable produce bags instead of using the plastic ones the grocery stores tend to have.

My favorite: Reusable Produce Bags

Try these easy ways to save on environmental waste to help celebrate our Earth today! Happy Earth Day!

Healthfully Yours,

Krystal Goodman