Dairy Free Dilemma

Why Dairy Free?


Reasons why I chose to be dairy free:

I chose to become dairy free years ago with my boys issue with digesting it correctly and causing much discomfort. Other reasons are through much research and the nutritional difference of cows milk and milk alternatives. Year after year it has gotten a lot easier to find great versions of our dairy favorites. I wanted to share with you some of my favorites that I like to use to still enjoy things like cheese, milk, ice creams, and coffee creamers.

Benefits of going dairy free:

  • Clear skin: some tend to see a great difference in the radiance of their skin and less acne bouts
  • Healthier Digestion: through research it is shown that about 70% of population have some degree of lactose intolerance. If we can’t digest something properly we can’t obtain the benefits from it as far as vitamins or minerals. Our body also gets over worked if its working extra hard to try to digest something it cannot, therefore it then can’t run at its full potential.
  • Weight Loss: Milk carries a sugar called lactose which we all know too much sugar can cause all sorts of health issues. Why add extra sugar into the diet through something such as milk.
  • Strong Bones: A lot of people think going dairy free will cut down on your calcium intake but in all reality you can get a great amount of calcium through milk alternatives like almond. Most have 50% more than regular milk. Almond milk also has a great deal of vitamin A and D in it. Vitamin D is essential for the absorption of Calcium.
  • Reduced Exposure to Antibiotics and Hormones: A lot of times cows are exposed to toxic substances like : antibiotics to prevent them from becoming sick and hormones to help them grow bigger and faster to produce more meat. The truth of the matter is whatever they ingest will be in their meat and milk products which you guessed it is what we are eating and drinking.

Dairy Alternatives:


  • Califia Farms Almond Milks ( my favorite is toasted coconut almond)
  • New Barn Almond Milks
  • Malk Nut Milks
  • Oat Milks

Coffee Creamers:

  • Califia Farms ( my favorite is the unsweetened almond but they have many others)
  • So delicious ( my favorite is unsweetened coconut but they have other flavors as well)

Protein Powders:

  • Collagen ( vital proteins and primal kitchen are my favorites and I buy those online)
  • Pea Protein
  • Other Plant based proteins


  • Coconut milk yogurt ( so delicious unsweetened is my favorite and you can find it at earth fare, kroger, whole foods, and three rivers)
  • Coconut probiotic yogurt ( coconut cult)
  • Almond milk yogurt ( kite hill unsweetened is my favorite go to and you can find this one at most stores)
  • Pili nut yogurt ( by lavva which is the one pictured) all flavors are amazing and right now the only place I have seen it is fresh market


  • Almond Cheese shredded ( trader joes has a great one)
  • Almond Cheese by the block ( Lisanatta Foods you can find these at whole foods and earth fare)
  • Coconut Cheese shredded ( So delicious makes a couple of different flavors you can find these at three rivers market and whole foods)
  • Almond Ricotta Cheese ( Kite Hill makes a great one you can find at whole foods)

Cream Cheese:

  • Almond milk cream cheese ( Kite Hill has a couple of different flavors )
  • Cashew cream cheese wheel ( Miyokos has a couple of different flavors you can find at whole foods, earth fare, and three rivers)
  • Cashew cream cheese ( Treeline has a couple of different flavors you can find at kroger and whole foods)

Ice Creams:

  • So delicious has cashew milk bars and pints ( these are at all the stores mentioned)
  • So delicious also has unsweetened versions in coconut milk ice creams ( these are at all the stores mentioned)
  • Nada Moo has coconut milk ice cram flavors you can find at whole foods
  • Talenti actually makes a peanut butter fudge dairy free version made with coconut milk ( still quite a bit of sugar here though so be careful)


  • Ghee: this is clarified butter that is just the butyric acid left which is great for colon health.

Coffee Shops:

  • You can order dairy free versions of your favorite lattes here in town at K brew, Wild Love, Pearl on Union, Honeybee, Plaid Apron, and Starbucks!

If you are thinking about going dairy free don’t worry you can still enjoy all of these wonderful items! If you would like more ideas on recipes or how to make use of some of these I would love to help you! Please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Healthfully Yours,

Krystal Goodman