Fall Fitness and Nutrition Fixes

Fall is here and its time to make changes to our regimen to be sure we are staying on track with hitting our fitness goals with nothing getting in the way. Below are a few tips and tricks on how to keep your momentum going even in the chillier months to come.

Crock pot meals: 

    • fill your crock pot with a variety of veggies ( try to get at least 3)
    • Tender veggies shouldn’t be added until about 45 mins before done.
    • Add a lean protein ( chicken, beef, ground turkey)
    • don’t forget your liquid ( bone broth, water,
    • Get at least 3 different herbs and spices ( rosemary, thyme, basil, turmeric, ginger, garlic, sea salt, pepper, etc.

Soups: these are a great way to get a simple yet filling meal that can last

over a few days

    • Start with a stock- chicken broth, bone broth, vegetable broth etc
    • Add in flavors- like carrots, celery, onions, garlic, leek, shallots, fennel, parsnips, ginger, chiles, lemongrass, etc. These can be sautéed stove top with some olive oil, avocado oil, ghee, or coconut oil first to bring out a more bold flavor.
    • Spice it up with spices and herbs- here you can add in things like bay leaf, chili powder, coriander, thyme, cumin, or rosemary.
    • Starches- sweet potatoes, red potatoes, whole grain pastas, canned beans, rice, or grains. Looking for a more low carbohydrate version choose to use zoodles or spaghetti squash instead of noodles or use cauliflower rice instead of regular rices.
    • Vegetables- You want a good variety. Try things like spinach, zucchini, peas, chard, bok choy, mushrooms, etc.
    • Another way is soups on the go like my favorite Zupa Noma that you can order on the website by clicking the link below and be sure to use my code “KGOOD” for a discount at check out.


Pumpkin Everything: love pumpkin but dont want it to add all the extra

sugar and unwanted calories?

    • Add it to your next chili or soup
    • Make homemade pumpkin protein bars
    • Add roasted pumpkin and pumpkin seeds to your next salad
    • Whole grain lasagna with pumpkin
    • Grill it or sauté it for your next side for dinner
    • Mix puréed pumpkin into tomato sauce for pizza or spaghetti
    • Add a few slices to your next sandwich or wrap
    • Use smaller pumpkins and stuff them with rice, veggies and meat like a stuffed pepper
    • Be aware of what is in your pumpkin baking mix box. Watch out for added sugars, unwanted ingredients, and processed grains

Seasonal Foods: Choose to shop for produce seasonally. Fall is a great time

to try new vegetables and fruits.

    • Pumpkin
    • Beets
    • Sweet potato
    • Spaghetti squash
    • Kale
    • Pears
    • Okra
    • Parsnips
    • Cranberries
    • Acorn squash
    • Butternut squash

Below is a PDF you can download and take with you to keep yourself accountable during the fall.