Finding Positivity

Positivity can be hard to find in the hardest of situations.

Don’t let a hard time or negative energy bring your positivity down. Do you ever have a day that just seems like its never going to get better? Do you have a co worker or friend that just won’t stop with the negative talk? Ive got the solutions for you to get through. 

Find an optimistic viewpoint in all negative situations:
Sometimes you just need to ask yourself some questions to help have a positive outlook.

  • What is the one good thing about this situation?
  • What is an opportunity within the situation?

Now this may not come as easily as we would like but you may need to just take a min to let yourself process the situation and then start to ask the questions you need to stay moving forward.

Cultivate in a positive environment:

To ensure you wills stay positive it is optimal to have positive influences in your life that support you and lift you up not drag you down.

Again ask yourself some questions:

  • Who are the top 3 negative people in my life?
  • Are there negative situations that I let myself be around?
  • What can I do to change it from being negative to positive?

Then consider your answers and think about how you can make some changes to ensure you are surrounded with more positivity.

Stop and Breathe

Sometimes it can be that simple, just breathe. Often times life is so fast paced we don’t give ourselves the time to stop and be thankful for the wings we have and have accomplished which can in turn become negative thoughts.

  • Stop : say no I’m not going down that negative path again
  • Breathe: sit and be still. Take some deep breathes in and out for a couple of minutes to regain clarity.
  • Refocus: Rethink about what you are mustering inside and talk yourself through it or talk to a friend that is uplifting.

Don’t let fear hold you back

You may be ready to make a change in your life but are afraid of the outcome. Don’t let the fear hold you back from making a decision that could change your life for the good. You could take the jump and find that you are much more happy than ever before. I myself have had to make many decisions that were very scary but I don’t regret any of them. Each hard decision has helped me grow as a person and business woman.

Tell yourself you aren’t going to think the what if this or that happens. What if you don’t make the decision? Are you going to live your life continuing to wonder if you made the change you would probably be in a better place?

Add positivity and value to someone else’s life

You know how it feels to have the negative energy around you and how it can bring you down. So instead of giving that to someone else give them the positivity you yourself likes to have around. Smile at someone that may need it today! You never know what people are going through. I guarantee they are suffering from something that one act of kindness would make their day much brighter.

Exercise, Sleep, and Nutrition

Our minds are affected by our lifestyle not only by the people we are surrounded with but also how we treat our bodies.

  • Try to get at least 15-20mins a day of exercise even if its just a small walk
  • Try to get to an exercise class or personal training being around like-minded people that are searching for the same thing will make you feel positive
  • Keep yourself well nourished , eating a well balanced diet without the high and lows of sugar crashes will help keep your mood where it needs to be
  • Get sleep. Often times if we are running low on energy due to less sleep our mood will be challenged.

Learn to take criticism

This is probably one of the hardest points to make. We all don’t enjoy criticism especially if we are already hard on ourselves. Remind yourself we all have room to learn. No one knows everything and no one is perfect.

My mindset is everyday is a new day to learn something new. I am in the fitness and nutrition field and love every part of it. I have learned a lot in the 10 plus years I have been in it. I still have questions that I often do extra research to find the answers for clients.

Let go of the things you cannot control and move forward

If there is something in your life that really gets under your skin it will defeat you in a way that is unhealthy. Whatever this negative aspect is let it go. Stay positive and know you can do it. You yourself are strong and worth whatever it is you think you aren’t worth. Don’t let the person that bothers you bother you anymore. Just do you!

Use these pointers to keep yourself in a positive mindset and keep your focus! You CAN and You WILL!