On the Go Nutrition and Fitness Helpers

A lot of us stay on the go all of the time and thats what seems to be the reason we just can’t stay on top of our nutrition or fitness routine.

I wanted to come up with a list of my go to snacks, workout gear, and gadgets that I like to use to help me stay on track and hopefully can help you too.



Mixed Nuts: Back to Nature Cashew, Almond, and Pistachio Blend

Beef Jerky: The New Primal Beef Thins

Collagen Protein Bars: Primal Kitchen Collagen Bars

Protein Bar: Quest Protein Bars

Vegan Protein Bar ( use code “keatsgood” for discount): EvoHemp Bars

Seaweed Thins: GimMe Seaweed Almond Sesame Snack Thins

Veggie Pops: Made in Nature Broccoli Cheddar Pops

Flaxseed Crackers: Flackers Flaxseed Crackers

Granola: Chickpea Probiotic Granola

Grainfree Granola: Purely Elizabeth Grain-free Cashew Coconut Granola

Gluten Free Crackers: Jilz Crackers

Beef Jerky Bar: Epic Bison and Bacon Cranberry Bar

Freeze Dried Veggies: Karen’s Just Tomatoes


Workout Equipment/Gear

Resistance Bands: UPOWEX Resistance band set

Core Sliders: Synergee Core Sliders

Exercise Cards: FitDeck Cards

Suspension System Training: TRX straps

Yoga Mat: Manduka Yoga Mat

Jump Rope: Survival and Cross Speed Rope

Running Shoes: On Cloud Running Shoes

Ab Wheel: Valeo Ab Wheel

Push-up Bars: Legend Body Push-up Bars

Doorway Chin Up bar: Yes4All Doorway Chin Up Bar

Running Watch: Garmin Smart Watch

Watch for activity tracking: iWatch Series 4

Food Gadgets

Filtered Water Bottle: Sport Berkey Bottle

Personal Water Filter Straw: LifeStraw

Personal Humidifier: Satechi Mini Humidifier

Personal Oven: Hot Logic Mini Personal Oven

Heated Lunch Box for the Car: Gideon Heated Electric Lunch Box

Mini Griddle: Dash Mini Griddle

Cooler Backpack: HydroFlask Cooler Backpack

Fitness Cooler: 6 Pack Bag for Multiple Meals

Re-useable Bags: Stasher Bags

Glass Tupperware:Prep Naturals Glass Tupperware Set

Bento Box: Takenaka Bento Box

Cooler: Yeti Portable Cooler

Travel Mug: Swell Travel Mug

Scout Travel Coffee Mug: Simple Modern Spirit Scout Coffee Mug

Travel Frother: Vomelon Handheld Travel Frother

All of these items are suggestions for you to continue a healthy lifestyle when on the go, whether it be just a usual day of riding in the car back and forth to work, at work, or if you are traveling to stay in a hotel. My hope is that this helps you to save time and have a sense of convenience to keep you on track.


Healthfully Yours,

Krystal Goodman