Mushroom Madness

Mushroom Madness

I just had someone ask me the other day what I thought was the “IT” superfood. I would have to say there are tons that I think are amazing but mushrooms is still my go to. Im not talking about just your regular button white mushroom either. I’m talking about your cordyceps, reishi, lions mane, etc. Never heard of any of these? Thats ok Im here to teach you about what I love about each one.

Below is a little bit about each mushroom and what I use them for:

Cordyceps: This mushroom is so powerful it can give you the energy you need without the jitters and endurance like no other when you are on a long run! This is my go to pre workout!

Lions Mane: Need to focus on work, school, or just life in general? This is your fungi of choice. I have used limos mane many time when I have a lot of work to get done and need to be completely focused.

Reishi: Have anxiety or just cant fall asleep at night? Try reishi. This super shroom can put me right to sleep and sleep well all night without waking up feeling groggy.

Chaga: Always seem to get the flu or cold that is going around during the fall and winter season? Don’t you worry ¬†chaga is your main shroom for the job. This guy is full of antioxidants and can help fight any sickness and free radicals in the body. I like to keep this one on hand anytime I’m around someone sick or start to feel like I am getting a scratchy throat.


What brand should I get?

I am in love with foursigmatic. This company has all of the shrooms I mentioned and much more to choose from and on top of that they offer a shroom academy that can teach you even more about all things shrooms.

Check them out and try their product you won’t regret it.¬†

When you purchase your shrooms use code “KGOODSHROOM” for a discount at purchase!

Below is a infographic to show you each mushroom and what they do.

What are you waiting for? Start shrooms today!