Seed Cycling 101

Seed Cycling


Im sure we have all heard the buzz about seed cycling. It has become quiet the discovery on how to help get your hormones back in balance and working the way they should. I myself have started this cycling on my menstrual cycle. I am in love with it thus far and encourage you to try it if you have not yet.


The run down:

Essentially you will be cycling eating two kinds of seeds the first half of your cycle and then two different kinds of seeds the second half of your cycle. These types of seeds will help to promote the hormones that need to be higher during certain times of your period.

Follicular Phase ( days 1-14) : The phase that starts when your period begins and it ends when you ovulate.

During this phase we need more estrogen. If we take in pumpkin and flaxseed during this time we can increase estrogen production and help prepare the uterine lining for implantation and bring estrogen levels into balance.

Take 1-2 tbsp of both pumpkin and flaxseed a day during this phase. You can also take an omega 3 supplement during this time or increase your intake of omega 3 foods.

Luteal Phase ( days 15/16-28/30): This phase begins when you set ovulating and ends when you start your period again.

During this phase we need more progesterone. Both sesame and sunflower seeds are high in Zinc and vitamin E which are both great precursors for progesterone production.

Take 1-2 tbsp of both sunflower and sesame seeds each day for this phase. You may also take evening primrose oil supplement at the same time to help with this production.

A few ways to incorporate them into your diet:

  • On top of salads
  • In smoothies
  • Sprinkled on your avocado
  • Mixed into yogurt

Below are a few of my favorite brands of the seeds to do the cycling. You can click each link to find them:


Pumpkin Seeds

Sesame Seeds

Sunflower Seeds

Below is a PDF of seed cycling for you to download and keep with you to help keep you on track to having regular periods and feeling better.


Healthfully Yours,

Krystal Goodman