How to Stay on Track on Weekends

Here comes the weekend again to try and throw us all off track, but don’t let that be you!

Weekends tend to be the most relaxing time which is something we all need but it can also throw us completely off track.

To keep from completely blowing everything you’ve worked so hard for during the other 5 days of the week here are some tips to keep you on track.

Stay Focused.

Stay focused on your goal that you set for yourself whether it be to really stay in tuned with your daily steps, healthy eating, or a workout plan you are following. Keeping your daily routine even on the weekends is a good thing.

This can be going to an early Saturday morning fitness class and then enjoying the rest of the day for relaxing and spending quality time with your family. It could also be just carving out a little time on Sundays for meal prep for your week to come.

The best way to really keep on track with this is to plan it and writing it down ahead of time can really ensure that you will absolutely follow through with that plan.

Keep your Breakfast Healthy.

If you know you will be dining out or going to a get together that night keep your breakfast healthy. That could be making a new healthy breakfast recipe you found or keeping the same breakfast you tend to go for during the week.

Stick with the Basics.

Find Plan your meals for the weekend whether it be eating at home or at a restaurant. Keep it simple. When you order on the menu know what you are getting. Ask about what comes on it or how it is cooked. You can always simplify the meal more than what they offer it to be. Remember to fill your plate with lean proteins, a variety of veggies, healthy fats, and a small portion of complex carbs. When you do have your meal take the time to relax and enjoy the food to ensure optimal digestion.

Find Healthy Ways to Indulge.

When you crave things on the weekends that you like as a cheat meal be creative and make a healthier version of them. A few good examples: pizza – make a cauliflower crust, nachos- use beanito’s or siete chips in place of regular corn tortilla chips, or use my collagen peanut butter cookies recipe instead of regular peanut butter cookies.

Take Advantage of Farmers Markets.

Ours here in Knoxville are listed here on the site below for you to see dates and times. If you live somewhere else do you research and see where the nearest one is. Not only will you get the freshest in season produce but this will help you get some extra steps in as well :).

Prioritize your Cheats.

Plan how you are going to cheat. Sometimes we go to get togethers or kids birthday parties and eat cake or pizza and then realize we wish wouldn’t have used that as our cheat. Think about what your favorite foods are and go from there. Instead of eating that birthday cake maybe bring a protein bar or healthier dessert item to eat at that time to save your cheat for later.

Keep it Moving.

Find ways to keep yourself moving even on the weekend. Sometimes we work so hard during the week to work toward our fitness goals and then get to the weekend and just stop. Find ways to maintain your step goals or fitness goals. This can even be just taking time to go on a walk with your family and dog. You could also do your research and find a nice hike to take with family or a new fitness class to do with a friend.

Moderation is Key.

Always remember when you want to indulge in something that may not be so healthy to eat it in moderation. Don’t totally blow it and eat so much of it that you feel like crap afterward or regret it. We should all enjoy these foods when we do indulge.

Stay Positive.

If anything at all stay positive in everything you do. If you start to feel yourself putting yourself down because maybe you cheated too much, DON’T! Remind yourself that you are human and will make mistakes but that mistake shouldn’t make you feel like you have totally blown it all. There is the next meal to make better choices and you still have the option to move a little more to help burn some extra calories!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! Enjoy yourself !

Healthfully Yours,

Krystal Goodman