Tips to Stay on the Nutrition Path

We are all in it to win  it but sometimes there are bumps in the road to try to knock us off the nutrition path.

Don’t let life’s bumps knock you off of your nutrition path to good health and fitness. 

Whatever it may be that you feel that always throws your focus off take a step back and think about what you can do to avoid it the next time. Below are a few tips that I like to use when I feel like I’ve gone off track.


Set small goals for yourself to avoid frustration.

Don’t just focus on numbers like how much weight you want to lose or how much you want to weigh by a certain date. Set other goals like I will eat vegetables at every meal this week or I will drink 80oz of water each day this week. Challenge yourself to make a different goal each week to add to the previous week’s goal. 


Keep nutritious foods on hand and ready to eat.

Be sure to have the right foods in your house or lunch box each day to ensure you have what you need available. You can also go a step further and have it prepared or at least ready to just be thrown together that night after work. You can easily prep your foods by chopping them, have meat marinating all day, or have your dinner in the crock pot while you are at work.


Always have a healthy snack on hand to be ready for any type of situation.

Think about your day and know that you may be in a situation where you may be so busy that you can’t really take the time to sit down and have a full on meal. In this case this is where snacks come in handy. Pack things like; protein or energy bars, organic grass fed beef jerky, nuts and seeds, unsweetened yogurt, carrot or celery sticks with nut butter or hummus, gluten free whole grain crackers, and so much more.

Get all of your tempting foods out of your cabinets.

Think about anything you cannot control the portion size and it tempts you. Somethings I can think of that can be hard for me is cereals, trail mixes, or anything that I really enjoy and feel like I could eat the whole bag. If you want to use it as your clean cheat you could just buy the one serving or one bag and save it for your cheat meal or day.


Don’t let one set back stop you from moving forward toward your goal.

Don’t get down on yourself because of one slip up. Restart again with your next meal and max it a nutrient dense meal that will keep you feeling full and satisfied with healthy protein, fats, fiber, and a good mix of veggies.


Find a friend you can team up with to hold you accountable.

Think of a person you know might need the same motivation and team up to be each others support system. Maybe plan grocery lists and shopping together. You can even start a meal prep day together where you share recipes and meal prep together.


Don’t forget to always be true to you.

Through it all dont ever forget to be true to yourself and do it for you! Know that this path you are on is one for you to feel better and be healthier to maintain a long healthy life!

Healthfully Yours,

Krystal Goodman