Turn Monday into your favorite Day

Monday Blues? Don’t ever use those words again. Monday can be your favorite Day!

I think we all have seen Monday as “here we go again” but we should really turn our thought process around. Monday is the start of a new week. A beginning to what great things we can accomplish and do!  

Whatever it is that makes you happy do it! Think about who you surround yourself with that makes you in a good mood. Give yourself a positive outlook on what your week holds. Give yourself the opportunity to shine! 

Below are some great ways to turn your Mondays from Blue to Bright!

Setting the tone by setting personal goals and risks.

Use your planner to set the tone for your week starting on Sunday. Plan out your week with a couple of goals in mind and projects you want to conquer for the week. Also set one personal risk to really push yourself out of your comfort zone and do something you never thought you could.


Eat Breakfast.
Don’t go into the week without starting your day with a good clean balanced breakfast. Eating a healthy breakfast will get your mindset in the right direction to get you ready for what the week has in store for you!

Add Healthy fats for good brain function:
-chia seed
– coconut oil


Get moving.

As simple as it sounds. Get moving. Take a class or go to the gym bright and early before work to get your mind right for the week! Take a walk on your lunch break or after work with your friend. Exercise helps the body release endorphins which are good for creating a positive mind.

Make a grateful List.

Sit down and make a list of the things you are most grateful for. If you do this each Monday you will soon see that you are living a more positive life of thinking clearly and really striving to focus on things that matter most in life. If you find yourself being grateful for the same things each week thats ok. 


Do something kind for someone.

Keep in mind that everyone is facing these “monday blues”. To help make you and another personal feel better be kind. Maybe buy a co worker a coffee or lunch, smile or introduce yourself to someone you have never talked to at work, or give a motivational quote to your colleagues.


Indulge in Inspiration.

Allow yourself a little inspiration whether it be a book to help get you in the right head space or maybe even a podcast on the way to work. Just hearing or reading words of encouragement can really brighten up your day and outlook.

I hope that all of these tips help you find Mondays to be a little easier to get through and you start to look forward to them rather than despise them.

Healthfully Yours,

Krystal Goodman