Knoxvilles Best

Today my post a little different than most I wanted to share with you all my favorite spots in Knoxville for food, shopping, and fitness. I listed them all below under different sections depending on what they offer.


BEST Coffee shops

  1. K Brew
  2. Wild love Bake house
  3. Honeybee

BEST farm to table

  1. Plaid Apron ( my all time favorite in general ūüôā
  2. Walnut Kitchen
  3. Foothills Milling Co.

BEST American:

  1. Plaid Apron
  2. Aubreys
  3. Lakeside Tavern

BEST pizza

  1. A Dopo

BEST Italian

  1. Emilias
  2. Tomato Head

BEST Mexican

  1. Chez Guevara

BEST Seafood

  1. Chesapeakes

Clothes /Shoes:

BEST boutique

  1. Tavie
  2. Bliss
  3. Bluetique

BEST Retail Store

  1. TJ Maxx
  2. Marshalls

BEST shoe store

  1. Tori Mason ( this is part of the Bliss store)
  2. Marti and Liz ( a great place to find discounted designer shoes)


BEST fitness clothing

  1. Lululemon


  1. Orange Theory Fitness ( oh and Im a coach there :))

BEST Kickboxing gym

  1. Bullmans Kickboxing and Krava Maga ( I personal train there too :))

Grocery Stores/ Markets:

  1. Three Rivers Co- op ( where we do most of our grocery shopping )
  2. Market Square Farmers Market
  3. Trader Joes
  4. Whole Foods
  5. Earth Fare
  6. Fresh Market


BEST salon

  1. Alchemy

BEST nail salon

  1. Tippy toes

So there you have it my Knoxville favorites that you can find me at most pretty much weekly. ¬†I highly recommend you try some of these spots if you haven’t yet. You will not be disappointed. I love our city and all the local artists and talents we have :). I have added links to most of the places I’ve mentioned for an easier way to find them. I will be posting weekly on each to share some of my favorite dishes and finds at each! Enjoy!